New Star Soccer 5




A soccer game in which you are the star


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New Star Soccer 5 is a soccer simulator in which, instead of managing an entire team like you can do on FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, or playing the role of coach and president like on Football Manager, you will become just one young player recently signed by a team.

Before beginning the game, the team that you select will do a test to determine your initial skills. Once you pass, you will be signed and will begin your adventure, which will include much more than simple soccer games.

And, despite the nucleus of the game being the games in which you only control your player, during the week you can participate in tons of activities necessary for developing your avatar--from shopping at stores for cell phones, new clothes, cars, or housing to going to a casino to bet the money you earned during the game.

You will also have to participate in special training to improve your skills, become famous by scoring goals and providing assists, maintain an elevated level of happiness, and, of course, try to forge publicity contracts that will farm you more money.

Visually, New Star Soccer 5 is very good, despite using a retro pixilated style, it has some very admirable animation and attention to details.

New Star Soccer 5 is a very, very fun soccer simulator whose only catch is that you can only play five games per day. Of course the positive side of this is that it is completely free. You can pay, it is true, to have additional games, although it isn’t necessary.
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